Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Rainbows

On a balcony that hung off a building that had views to a green park, there once lived a few families. They were the Pigeons and the Sulphur Cockatoos and the Kookaburras. One fine day, there was an intruder who made loud, shrill calls while perched on the green metal railing. That intruder was no other than Mr. Rainbow:

He soon made it a daily affair to drop by. He normally came at dawn. Now, attached to this balcony was a concrete box that sat on other concrete boxes. These boxes were huge and could fit strange things like chairs, tables and beds. In them also lived weird beings that walked upright on two legs and worse, had no feathers! The poor things... However, these creatures responded to Mr. Rainbow's calls by providing food. After a while, Mr. Rainbow would also bring his lovely partner for their morning tea and soon following that, for afternoon tea as well!

Time passed. The Kookaburras and the Sulphur Cockatoos had left the balcony in search of warmer weather. The Pigeons stayed on as their diligent coos could still be heard every morning. Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow were no where to be seen, although occasionally they could be heard.

And then, one rainy afternoon, one of the non-feathered, two-legged beings left two slices of bread covered in golden syrup on the balcony. What a commotion that caused!

They brought the whole clan! The whole extended family! The whole lot of them! And boy were they a noisy bunch!

And so, Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow continued they daily ritual of calling out to their non-feathered two-legged friends who obediently feed them their favourite treat. What a magical balcony that was...


Petra said...

Were these on your balcony?

Been raining so haven't been able to check out motels. Blek.

Chrys said...

Yes, these were on my balcony..

Don't worry about the motels. I think it's still safe to look for one when we arrive... it's not peak season then so should be fine...

ashley said...

LOL i see them alot in my backyard too =) i like watching the whole bunch of them cute..