Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sunday at home

I will miss Sundays like this one, when we randomly felt like making our own 'chapati'. Being the ignorant missy I am, I did not know that it was just as simple as mixing water with flour and kneading it to your preferred texture. And then, of course, flattening it with a rolling pin.

It was an oil-free pan and thank goodness for housemate's non-stick Tefal!

We had it there until it turned slightly brown for that little crispiness.

She cooked up a bowl of lentils (sudden crave for lentils for some unknown reason) and a plate of potato stir-fried with tuna and sweet chilli sauce (which was super yum!).

Oh, and I will forever remember how I woke up to this lovely note stuck to my door from the other housemate:

Trust me, he will miss my perky voice and other housemate's loud house slipper's 'pik-piak' sounds.

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