Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi! Distinction

Who we are?

We are a group of Australian universities' alumni with clear understanding of the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures in Australian universities. This platform functions as our initiative to provide support and assistance to students who aspire.

What we want to achieve?

We strive to be a part of the Australian education system, able to contribute in the form of providing knowledge and assistance to talents who are inquisitive and willing to learn. Our presence is to ensure that students have an effective learning process with more focus on how to develop their individual skill set.

What we provide?

We offer a variety of products designed to encourage effective learning and complement the existing university education system:

1. We provide exam-relevant sample Q&A sets. We believe that knowing HOW to answer exam-style questions is as important as knowing the subject material, if not more!

2. We provide Quick Learning Tools (“QLT”), which are designed to do just that – help you learn quicker and study smarter. 

3. We provide an intreractive online discussion platform known as Virtual Peer, for knowledge exchange and discussion on ‘hot topics’.

4. We provide assignment proofreading services to help students understand their assignment tasks better.

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