Saturday, April 06, 2013

Taska & Tadika Kembangsari: Our food

If there is one thing that I think we excel at, I think it is our food. Mum pays extra attention to the quality of food that we serve here at Honey Bee, including the food for our staff members. She spends up to the entire morning (which sometimes takes up to 4 hours) at the wholesale market and at NSK just to do her weekly marketing for produce and sundries. She is very particular with the type and freshness of the seafood, poultry and vegetables for the week and the staff have their favourite - Thursday lunch which is noodle in soup/prawn noodles.

We add as much noodles and soup as we like to our serving of fried tofu sheets, boiled eggs, fish balls, prawns, water spinach and fish cake. The soup is from a packet and we boil it with carrots and Chinese cabbage. For the children's version, instead of the prawn noodle paste, we boil the soup with lots and lots of anchovies with the carrots and Chinese cabbage. All other ingredients are the same. Normally, we pair this dish with a Chinese herbal tea.

My favourite meal would have to be the fortnightly Monday dinner meal of chee cheong fun! I love it! I always ensure that I am there on Monday from about 4:00pm onwards to have my own serving, er, okay, more than one serving of chee cheong fun. Extra yummy when freshly out of the kitchen and when taken with grass jelly water!

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