Sunday, November 08, 2015


樱之田野养生小馆 is situated on the outskirts of Hualien town. From the outside, it looked like a quaint little Japanese-styled restaurant.

And thinking that it had Japanese influence is not far from incorrect, as many people here have Japanese heritage due to the Japanese setting up camp here during their rule of Taiwan.

The reason Allie took us here was because he thought that we should try their vegetarian menu. Almost every vegetable served was planted by the lady who started this restaurant, so more or less what we had were organic vegetables. 

We all had a bowl of soup base, as it was hotpot-style.

And because Mum and I ordered the same lotus flower set, we both had a lotus bud that came with all the other side dishes.

Wow, I was so impressed! And for the record, this was the first time I am actually eating a lotus flower whole.

Along with the soup base came the other ingredients to be cooked in the hotpot. Because Mum and I ordered a set from their vegetarian menu, our plate came with all sorts of greens, roots and funghi.

And because Dad opted for one on the normal menu, his had some meat.

Oh, do not belittle my plate of "just" vegetables - I could not finish it! It was super filling!

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