Sunday, December 25, 2005

Melaka Take 2: Panic wei!

We, as in Jeunn, Rick, Alicia and myself, went to Melaka yesterday. Rick wanted to go to the Orang Utan house to get some T-shirts and he needed someone to navigate (and drive) him there. This is where I come in. I was the map, Jeunn was the chauffeur and Alicia was there to pak tor with Rick. It was a fine and fruitful day until we were on our journey back to KL.

Info: We drove Jeunn's car. It's a really old but reliable car. The battery lights came on and we weren't sure if it was anything serious. Jeunn checked and it seemed fine. That is until he played with the high lights and they wouldn't come on! Shite! We turned the radio and air-conditioner off. Luckily, there was a Petronas up ahead and we took refuge there. Jeunn bought a bottle of battery water to refill the battery with. One cap fell into the engine and we spent some time looking for it. Jeunn tried to start the car but to no avail. Then, an old man appeared from nowhere to kepoh. He told us that it was a simple thing, just push the car, turn the engine on and it will run. And it did.

We lasted till the Kajang toll. The lights had to be totally off. The car was literally dying off. Gear 1, gear, 2, gear 3, gear 2, gear 3 and so on. Jeunn tried to drag the car back to Taman U. We drove in sheer darkness and without wipers to clear the rain that was harassing the car. Jeunn was driving leaning forward and I was praying my hearts out. Right in font of the Pasar Borong, we nearly hit a guy walking at the side of the road because we couldn't see him at all. We had to run red lights, as we couldn't afford to stop running the engine.

The last test came: the steep hill going up to my house. The car couldn't go on anymore. Rick and I ran back home in the rain to find my dad's spare keys to the Merc. Thankfully, it was in the house.

In the end, I sent them back to Desa, where we had dinner. Yeow joined us for a while to take his mind off his programming, which was also a bit of a bad spell. His comp failed to work and he had 3 projects in it, which he needed.

We headed our own ways and I made my way to pick Voon Khong up from a bus-stop along Old Kuchai Road. We headed back to his house where I gave him his shirt and he gave me a Christmas present. I then brought him to Bangsar where he was to countdown to Christmas with his gang of friends. I declined his offer to join him. I didn't really feel like joining a party made-up of people I don't really know. He was shouting over the phone at one of his ex-girlfriends. Haha.. made me kinda 'scared'. Have never seen that side of him but the caring him is always there. He was so worried that I would not be able to find my way home.

To quote Jeunn and Yeow, "What a Christmas!"

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