Friday, January 27, 2006


It was 5:30am. The phone rang. I was wondering if I should get up to answer. It rang thrice. My mum answered the call. Or was it dad? Not sure. Mum opened my door and stormed in, saying, 'Your gong gong passed away'. I literally jumped out of bed. I asked, 'Are we going back now?' I came out of my room to see dad still standing at the phone. 'Sigh, he's such a naughty man, isn't he?' I smiled.

It will be the first day of the new lunar year on Sunday and he couldn't make it. Oh, how true the old Chinese saying is - they will not make it to see the next celebration.

I will be going back with dad (if he wants me to, that is). Bro is still sleeping, oblivious to what has happened. Mum is rushing to pick Jeffrey and Angel.

Hence, there will not be updates until I return from Temerloh. Until then, take care and Happy Chinese New Year.

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