Thursday, January 26, 2006

The National Science Centre

You guys must think that I've gone wack but hey, rest assured that I'm totally fine. After the late yam cha the night before, I had to drag myself out of bed early to bring the big kids to Bukit Kiara. Mum arranged for the 'naughty kids' to be with me. Yew Weng, Kien Heng, Jun Cheng, Lih Herng and sweet little Weng Kei were in my charge and although they were all over the place and noisy, they sure had a hell of a time there. Of course, like myself, they enjoyed the playground the most of all. Haha, even more if the playground was on water! Oh, the laughter and the non-stop screams! It was so endearing to hear them cheer Chui Yi on. Chui Yi is like a timid little mouse who needs plenty of encouragement, which her friends instinctively provided. Oh, those young'uns, they have grown. I had a go, too, along with Miss Ong! We had a chance to be kids again... haha... Picture galore to do the rest of the talking:

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