Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Little Morale Booster

Something a special person gave to me on a bookmark a long time ago. Something I treasure deepy. I dedicate this to two friends in Melbourne, currently feeling a little under the weather.

Auds: If you need Chryssie, she's always here for you. Even when you don't feel like talking.

Sheena: Life is always a bitch. But hey, we Perdanarians are well-known for pulling through, aren't we?

You're really something do you
know that? And in spite of
whatever may happen in your
day, you are going to stay that
way: trying and giving and
living life in the best way you
know how.

You've made it through difficult
things before, right? Right. And
you always land on your feet.
Maybe not dancing; maybe not
always sure about what to do
next. But you always manage to
figure things out. Especially when
you're able to keep your sense of
humour and not lose your smile.
If you really think about it,
you'll realize that you are a very
strong individual. Someone who
may not have all the answers,
but who is at least willing to
hope and try and believe.

So keep your spirits up, and keep
things in perspective. It's going
to be okay.

~ Ceal Carson ~

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