Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Missing you, missing me

For many, the opportunity to study abroad is one not to be missed. By the 2nd or 3rd year abroad, homesickness would be almost non-existent, as is the case for many of my friends (most of them guys). But for me, it's the opposite. The longer I spend away from home, the more I have the urge to finish up with my studies and head back home.

I miss my family the most. My parents, although nicer to talk to over the phone, I miss being with them physically. It just isn't the same. Yes, we do get into occasional head-butting sessions, especially mum and I but hey, that's how we bond. And with my bro, what can I say? Yes, we don't think alike but having him around has it's 'soothing' effects. And oh, he's very handy when it comes to fixing stuff around the house - that is when he's in the mood.

I miss my car. Haha, yes, peculiar. But no other car drives as well as my faithful Toyota. Now that dad has another car in the house, I think I would end up driving the Merc instead. But no!! I want the Toyota. Aih, better not complain so much. Some people can't even afford a car let alone drive one. So yes, shaddup...

I miss my friends so, so much! Jeunn, Rick, Weng, Ai Ling, Yin Lee, Yeow, Pet and Jon, I so want to catch up with you guys! If you ask Shaun, my phone bill has gone through the roof a few times now. Emails don't work for me - not personal enough. The hardest to reach is Jon. Work, work, work, to the extent that phone calls are ignored! And he doesn't reply text messages! Very frustrating I have to admit but when I finally give up, a message comes through on MSN Messenger from him. It's like he has this 6th sense or some psychic power to help him 'work his magic' on me.

Oh, and I so miss the kids! By the time I get back, they'd be bigger, taller and heavier! Oh, and they'd be cheekier, definitely! I hope they won't make me teach them a dance in one week like they did last year!

It's the end of July now. I need to work terribly hard for the next 3 months and then I would be able to enjoy myself to the max! Can't wait!

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