Saturday, September 09, 2006

Melbourne Winter Adventure 2006 (Episode 5)

Day 4:

This day was a more sombre day. It started off with lunch (yet again). But this time, the guys had more to look forward to - my cousins. I put the idea of my cousins being hot and cute into their heads. Thankfully, they agreed with my views after seeing them in person. My aunt prepared typical Malaysian fanfare for lunch, consisting of chicken curry, taufu with bean sprouts and peanut sauce, some kind of fried noodles (which I did not get to eat) and er, I think that was it. Uncle Aaron was in as well this time. Didn't get to talk to him much, well, not like I wanted to anyways. I don't exactly share a 'loving' relationship with this side of the family. Haha.. only with the two girls. Oh, yes, the pics will show you what I mean by 'hot' and 'cute'.

Just to illustrate it better, the hot one is Pei Shin (in green) and the cute one's Pei Yiun (in pink). Pei Shin is 19 this year, doing her first year of Bank, Accounting and Finance in Monash Caulfield while Pei Yiun is 17 doing her Year 11 in Waverley Christian College.

We then headed over to Dandenong to have a look at the infamous Puffing Billy train. We were lucky that there was one black one returning to the station. Miow took videos and all that. Auds and I took a pic of the charming old-fashioned letterbox.

That more or less wrapped up our day. We went back home to laze around. Or did we head to the city? I think we did - to have dinner at King of Kings. Shaun wanted to let Miow, Nic and Erin taste the different chiffon egg rice they serve there. They preferred the one at A1. Haha.. and it was there at the restaurant that something happened to Auds. Attraction of some sort. Kenneth Ooi came over to catch up and we headed over to Crown Casino. Miow, Nic and Shaun signed up for a card to play on some pokie machines. Miow lost around $20 in a jiffy. I helped Shaun win $5. Haha...

Alan then came over to join us for a drink in Grecko's. Wah, we should have taken pictures of the cakes they serve. Humungous betul! And the coffee needless to say, aromatic. The guys then took to challenging each other to run across the fountains without getting wet. And guess who got shot in the face... Shaun! Muahahaha.... pandai, wanna run in zigzags. We waited to watch the fire without realising that the last train would have left Flinders by then. We ended up taking the taxi back to Caulfield. Cost us freaking a lot of money!

And so the day ended with more poker at home.

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