Sunday, September 10, 2006

Melbourne Winter Adventure 2006 (Episode 6)

Days 5 & 6:

Monday passed by rather slowly. We had to return the car and Auds had to go back to uni for some work. She's on the MUISS committee you see and Orientation Week was happening. We woke up extremely late this time and we walked over McD's for brunch cum afternoon tea. We then took a stroll on Monash Clayton grounds. I acted as tour guide, naturally, showing them the student centre, libraries, the place where they have their graduation ceremony and their sports centre. And I'm not even a student of Monash!!!

The highlight of the day had to be dinner. Alan, Jordan and Auds, over lovely hosts, prepared a scrumptious meal for us. We invited Benito over, too, to introduce to Nic, Miow and Erin. Dinner was Shaun's Chinese cabbage and Alan's miso soup and er, some Japanese style meat. Delicious, absolutely delicious!

They taught us how to play BANG! and I'm not going into the details here because I'm going to confuse myself a lot more if I do. The night passed with a certain person drinking a lot of Coke and water. We had 4 types of drinks that night - Johnny Walker, Bailey's, Vodka and um... something else which I so cannot recall at the moment. We played Ducky Fuzz and Auds was the first victim!!! Shaun went Duzzy! and she was like .... ffffff...zz... ..f.. ?!?#$^@$%

We also played another new game whereby we aren't allowed to go to the loo for 2 hours. So everyone was trying really hard not to lose as losing entails more drinking and winning means a 2 in 12 chance of getting the toilet pass. Toilet pass=toilet anytime. That was a really good game.

I then had to hit the bed. Too much for one night. Auds nearly got drunk on Coke. She's one who doesn't get drunk on alcohol but give her Coke to go with her grog, poof! red and drunk Auddy.

This pic more or less sums the loud, funny and outrageous night:

Day 6:
It rained! And when there's rain in Melbourne, there will be freezing cold wind! Brrr!!! We had to walk in the rain to get to the bus stop. We had to go to the city for our last meal in Melbourne before heading back to Sydney. Alan brought us to a cosy Jap restaurant which served good food. And they were cheap! Nic was standing outside looking at the prices on the menu and he had this to say: I'm so gonna miss Melbourne prices.

All in all, it was a good trip, this one. Introduced Auds to yet another bunch of crazy people. You have to admit Auds, you love us for that. =)

I sat next to Nic on the plane. Shaun, Erin and Miow sat in the row of seats in front of us. It's nice to spend some time with Nic. Reminds me of the sweet and helpful person he is. It was nice to spend some private talking time with him, too. Nic, if you're reading this, although at times I hate you (mostly due to your taste in girls), I'll ALWAYS have a soft spot for you in me. =)

Wonder where will our next adventure be? Melbourne again but different places? Or Gold Coast? We'll see.

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