Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who Do We Think We Are?

You know, they don't treat us fairly. Just because we are not of the same race. You stay there la. You apply for PR you will be given a fair go. Just like them.

Who is them? Who are we? Why are we classifying ourselves? Why are we practising Otherness when we want our children to learn equity and respect?

I'm not saying that other countries are not as good as ours. All I'm saying is that we all grew up in different environments and thus our view and expectations of life vary. Why impose your thinking on me when I do not expect you to remain in our country? Yes, I sound very passionate when I talk about our Motherland. That is because I truly am. I do not see any shame in being proud of our country and to want to understand her more.

I am often told that the majority race takes advantage of the minority races - they are lazy and expect 'us' to do all the work, to bring fortune and prosperity to the country. We boast about being good at business and that without us, our country will not be in its current state. But why must we think that way? Are we all that special? What makes us more deserving of benefits than the person next to us?

But they are all lazy one la. They prefer government jobs. They prefer to be spoonfed. And they get all the benefits. They don't need good grades or brains, they'll still get what they want.

Do they really? Do we know for sure or are we just really cocky when it comes to making sweeping generalising comments? We don't like it when others say that our race are kiamsiap and are money-minded.

My father asked me a really interesting question - How many friends of the majority race do I have? I was silent. I only have acquaintances, not friends. Even that I can put them all on one hand. Many of us did not grow up with other races. We only have friends of the same race. In a way, I think our perception of other races are skewed because of this. I personally feel that we are the ones who lose out. We are not learning and yet we assume the worst of others.

To be honest, I am not in a position to talk about this issue either because I do not know other races very well. What I do know is that we have no right to criticise others when we do not know better. Yes, we can think. Analyse our situation. But to point fingers? No, that is something that I think will not improve anyone's situation.

Can we stop patronising ourselves? Talking about things is simple. But where does the talking lead to?

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