Saturday, February 10, 2007

Vox is Up!

Hello everyone!

You must be wondering what Vox is. I'ved added a new link to my sidebar for Vox. It's an online magazine for women. Well, of course guys are allowed and welcome too but when I say 'for women', it's along the same lines as magazines like Cleo. BUT, Vox does not focus on what Cleo focusses on - clothings, hairstyles, sex, boyfriends and break-ups etc. Vox is a forum where the voices of young women (like yours truly) are heard. It's a humble website, with a handful of contributors, mostly university, high school students or fresh graduates.

I just had to write about Vox because I am very proud of it. I'm proud of it not just because I have an article published there but because it is a symbol of preserverence and self-belief. It is the brainchild of a very dear friend, of when she was her happiest as a uni student. She, with her best friend from childhood decided to turn her dream of publishing a magazine to reality. They decided to go electronic as of course, this form requires less financial commitment.

Personally, I feel that Vox is not just abother e-mag. Vox is about empowerment. Vox is about respect. Vox is about rights. Vox is about striving for your own success. Vox is about trying.

Just click on the link in the sidebar if you want to know what I mean.

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