Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dedicated to You

Do you realise that you have grown since arriving in KL?
Can you visualise my grin everytime I read your emails?
Do you know why?

You sound happy. Yes, many of the events are tear-jerkers but you sound like you. Finally.

You constantly 'remind' me of how 'wonderful' I am. Now, I'm going to do the same for you because, honestly, you are an amazing person so please, be proud of yourself.

You went through a childhood different from others. The most notable difference would be your treasure trove of literature. Who else reads like you? You are well-read and I believe by talking to your mum about what you read has helped your analytical thinking tremendously. You do not take things at face value. You go deeper. You are not afraid to think out of the box.

Same goes to how you watch movies. Would you care if it has good-looking actors and actresses? Not really. What matters to you are the messages the movies are getting across - racism, gender issues etc. You prefer to watch movies that do not have a clear-cut ending because you like things that are open to interpretation. That's just you.

Not many people would get you. But you don't mind. Yes, you'd get hurt but that's how you grow. And that's why I think you're stronger and more learned than most of us. In high school, your neighbour looked down on you because you couldn't understand the concepts taught in Add Maths. I connected to you in that way because I seriously sucked at Add Maths, too. You were hurt because you offered her support but you were put down instead. You felt (and I believe, still feel) that you deserved better. I think that it's fine to feel that way because this negative feeling helped you improve. Not in Add Maths but in your dealings with others. Who else talks with confidence and a sense of 'I know a lot but I am still learning more' like you?

Also, how many people in our class volunteers? Does this word even exist in their vocabulary? You are not bothered with material wealth. You are more interested in gaining a different kind of wealth - emotional. This is much more worthwhile as this affects others more than material wealth does. The manner in which we touch others inside is different from superficially impressing others on the outside.

Correct me if I'm wrong but you have much to be proud of. Despite what you think your parents' images of you are, in my opinion, you are unique. You hold your head up high eventhough you choose to go on a path less ventured. The courage mustered just to be yourself is something worth mentioning.

So please my dear friend, smile at your own achievements. People like you do not need rows of trophies or stacks of certificates. You require more meaningful accolades - hugs, warm wishes, an occassional chat with a close friend, smiles from people you've helped, seeing people change due to your efforts, however small.

No one can take all of that away from you. Your pride, your wisdom, your life experiences, your strength, your humility. What am I compared to you? Close to nothing. But I am growing along with you. And I thank you for that.

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