Friday, March 30, 2007

Hey girl...

Hey girl,

What does life mean to you?
What do you want to gain?
Sure you'd know that life is cruel
Full of suffering and pain

But girl,

Regardless of how near or far
Expensive or cheap
Whether by plane or by car
Clayton or OUG

No matter how life is for you
May it be during your ups
Or even your downs

I am here to support you
In person, over the phone or online
to complain
to cry
to flare up in rage
or just to hear you sigh

I am no Leo
so I would not understand
your real role
or your real strength

But I do know that Leo or not
we are all human who make mistakes
this is not your first, the last it will be not
but you will stand tall and be proud of what you make

You have made it through various obstacles
And this is no exception
Maybe you don't always climb up spectular
But you get up and that is your Leo fashion

Hey girl,

What matters is that you learn
It is painful now

But hey, smile!

For this is only the beginning
You have a long way to go
I'm only a small pebble in your threadings
To help you along your flow

~ My dear, there's no use in me asking you to cheer up but I believe in you and you have to believe in yourself, too. All I can do is just talk and listen to you and be there for you. That's all. The rest is up to you. So remember, you have me (and the rest of us) here for you. ~

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