Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look Out Point Western & Local Cuisine, Look Out Point Ampang

The first time I came here was with Yun Hau and Pin Kean, who brought me out here for drinks at a different restaurant a few years ago. Since then, I visited again twice, which made this visit my fourth visit but the first with family (and for a proper meal).

It was sort of a birthday celebration dinner for Mum and Bro that we had at the first restaurant to operate in Look Out Point since 2005, the Look Out Point Western & Local Cuisine.

Honestly, I think people visit this place for the view and not the food.

Other than overpriced and not worth the price tag, I have nothing much to say about the food, really.

Mushroom soup, which I think was straight out of a can with less than acceptable garlic bread.

Cheese cream escargot (half dozen) (RM18.80): One word - rubbery.

Sea coconut drink (with ice, S RM5.80, L RM9.50; without ice, S RM8.00, L RM12.90)

Some salmon with pasta dish.

Cheese ham grill fish (Dory RM 17.80, Salmon RM35.80, Cod RM 39.80).

Grill fish (Dory RM15.80, Salmon RM33.80, Cod RM38.80)

Cheese sausage chicken chop (RM19.80)

It is better to visit during weekdays, since weekends and public holidays attract larger volumes of visitors. There is ample parking at the entry level of the hill for a parking fee of RM2. It is best to park your car at the open carpark and walk up the stairs, which lead directly to the restaurants and the view. However, for an extra RM3, you can choose to drive your car up the road to the jockey parking area. This is recommended only if you are unable to walk up the steep and long flight of stairs, as the parking up at the peak is limited and can get crowded. If you are young and fit and do not mind a hike, park on the roadside and walk up.

Look Out Point Western & Local Cuisine Ampang
Lot 3A, Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau, Jalan Ampang - Hulu Langat, 43100 Bukit Langat, Selangor
Bookings / Enquiries: Frankie +60 19 250 8379, +60 16 242 4326, Hans +60 19 691 2308
Weekdays 5:30pm to 2:00am, Weekends 5:30pm to 3:00am

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The salmon and pasta fits perfect for me.