Friday, November 04, 2011

There's an artist in the house!

This might sound silly but one reason why we chose to go to The Boathouse was because we thought it would live up to an artist's expectations. We are glad that we did not let him down. More on this funky place soon.

To digest our hearty brekkies, we went for a stroll on Palm Beach. The combination of bright sunshine and clear blue skies with cooling sea breeze was just perfect for a day out on the beach for families.

Ah, of course, how can the young lads miss out on a good stand up paddle surf?

Mister traveling artist, Boey, took his time to stroll.

And he really enjoyed his beach-combing.

He was in search of 'stars and stripes'. "They have to be perfect", he said to Xin Wen and I. To him, everything has to be perfect, just like him. *smirk*

As we headed back to the car, he found a gigantic emergency phone. Well, you know what it is from the photo so, yea.

From the beach, we went to the colourful Glebe Markets, where we met another world traveller. Unlike Boey, Alvaro travels using his trusted bicycle and is a biciclown. Read all about his meaningful work here.

Lunch was calling out to us and so we headed over to Mamak Village. Boey complained that we spoiled it for him, as he was heading back to Malaysia after this stop, where he could have the REAL thing. Oops, sorry.

After a fun day out and a meal of student-style steamboat, it was crunch time. We got to watch the artist in full action, from his draft to the actual template to scanning and uploading onto his blog.

I got to keep the draft *yes!* of the blog post. It has his signature at the bottom so maybe I could sell it for a good price when he makes it really big.

I enjoyed myself heaps that weekend. A feeling that I have not had in a long time. The egoistic and sarcastic part of him definitely left an impression in all of us, but not as much as the serious part of him, which I managed to capture for a bit.

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