Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Why are you up so early? Sleep somemore la.

What do you want for lunch? I dapau for you.

Are you having dinner with us? Want me to pack for you also or not?

Which car are you taking? If not I take you out and drop you off. Just call me when you are done.

Where are you going for dinner? With who? Where are you having dinner? He coming to take you or are you driving to his place? Makan with him only or with a group of friends? What time are you coming home?

Who is that? I've not heard his name before. Where is he from? How you know him one? Whose friend? How old is he? Where does he live? What does he do?

Are you wearing that? Why your skirt so short ah? Why your shirt so low cut ah?

Why wear all black ah? You going for funeral ah?

You know people's parents' or not? Make sure you bring something to people's house, don't go empty handed.

Brought your keys? Your water? Phone got battery or not? Got money or not? Enough to use or not?

Where are you? Highway already? Later when you get back, there's a bowl of bird's nest. I put on your table already. Drink before you sleep.

You on your way back yet or not? Not yet ar? Where are you now? Not too late ar, that road is very dark, very quiet. Be careful on your way home.

Remy is waiting for you at the door already. Are you on your way yet?

Go and do your work. Don't worry about other things. You finish your work first.

Bought everything you need or not? Packed already? Make sure you have everything you need. If not just let us know and we'll post them over to you.

Passport taken already? Your Aussie dollar and all that got ah?

Remember to take care of yourself. Eat properly. Don't play too hard. Work hard but have to balance also. And don't worry so much, you will be okay one.

I love you too, Mummy. 

Happy Mother's Day.

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