Monday, November 01, 2010

PappaRoti Australia

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With the recent hype over the PappaRoti buns in Sydney, I took some time to speak to Junda, the good-looking young man responsible for introducing the brand to Down Under.

How long have you owned PappaRoti?
We've been up and running since June 15, 2010.

What was the inspiration for opening PappaRoti?
I wanted to bring PappaRoti to Australia because it is found in almost every South East Asian country and I thought Australia should have a share of the PappaRoti craze.

What was you ultimate goal when you decided to open PappaRoti and has that goal changed?
My goal was to, is still to provide a unique product to the Australian market, to provide the ultimate coffee experience to complement the cultural diversity of the Australian society. Everything coffee - the buns, the drinks. The on-going goal is to innovate new coffee drinks, a fusion of tea and coffee.

Was finding start up capital difficult?
Yes, very. But we have different investors. At different outlets, we use different ways of getting that capital so there was also a bank loan that we took. It's all about taking risks and having confidence in the product.

Do you spend more time working in your business than you did when you were employed by someone else?
Of course! But then the thing is, it's being self-employed versus being employed by someone else. Let's just say, it's a more rewarding experience working for yourself.

Does your business have a website ?
We've not launched it yet but will be doing so soon.

What advertising methods do you use?
Facebook, magazine and newspaper features. We've been featured in some food blogs, as well.

What advertising method do you find most effective?
Facebook. And word of mouth, definitely. We get people travelling here just for the buns! There are interstate customers, as well. We've had various people bringing the buns back to wherever they come from, far and near.

What kind of promotions do you do?
We've had 'Buy 3 free 1', 'Free bun with every coffee purchase' and some others. These promotions run for usually 3 weeks.

How important is it to recognize loyal customers?
Very important, especially in the cafe business because loyal customers will keep coming back. We have a loyalty card, we engage them, talk to them. That's why it's all young, vibrant, energetic, friendly people at the shop.

What percentage of your customers come from your local community?
In Kogarah, it's 70%. In Cabramatta, it's 100%.

What community events or charities do you support or sponsor?
The Oaktree Foundation to which we donated free buns. We've also donated money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

How did PappaRoti come about?
PappaRoti started in Malaysia, as a small kiosk in KL. The buns gained popularity and the business expanded from there.

How many outlets are there in Australia so far and where are they?
We have three open - one in Kogarah, one in Cabramatta and one in Toowoomba. We have another upcoming six, all in different states.

Will there be more flavours to come?
There will be innovative alterations to our existing products to provide a more diversified menu.

Where else in the world can you find PappaRoti?
Just off the top of my head; Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Dubai.

What are your future plans?
Expand the business to make this product more available at various strategic locations in Australia so that everyone can enjoy the special PappaRoti buns and also to constantly come up with innovative products to complement the bun.

What would you like to say to people interested in being part of the PappaRoti family?

If you want to run your own show and have a rewarding experience doing, if you want to be part of this energetic team, submit an enquiry on our website and I will be in touch with you asap.

Thank you, Junda! All the best with your PappaRoti quest!

Now, if you would excuse me, I have an aromatic freshly-baked bun and a lovely cup of mocha waiting to be consumed.

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CheaYee said...

Pappa Roti in toowoomba??

They should have opened it 6 years ago... haha..

Our malaysian friends there would have loved it. LOL