Monday, November 08, 2010

Michael's birthday dinner at Imperial Peking Harbourside Restaurant

The Imperial Peking Harbourside Restaurant was the chosen venue for this year's annual celebration of 'becoming a year wiser'.

Housed in a heritage-listed sandstone building (circa 1820), the restaurant boasts some of the most spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour, the Bridge and the world-renowned Opera House.

The centre has Private and Semi-Private Rooms commanding these views to accommodate 20 to 140 for a sit-down dinner and up to 400 for a stand-up cocktail party. I really liked how they infused Chineseness into the place:

As a gesture of appreciation, Michael stole Angeline's lovely idea of giving each of his guests a thank you card, a fortune cookie and two scratchies:

Look at the message in my fortune cookie! If only they were real premonitions...

Before the food arrived, we presented to him his birthday gift:

Yes, it is a very handsome over-sized watch from TW Steel. We more or less had to 'force' him to open it in front of us. And because he was king for the day, Nic helped put the watch on his wrist for him:

Then, it was time to be fed. Having been independently established and run for over 25 years, the dishes the restaurant serves are mostly Pekingese in origin with modifications for the warmer Sydney climate. Their famous Crispy Baby Duck with Green Vegetables & Shallot Sauce came out first:

OMG, to die for, I tell you! The meat was silkily tender and with its crispy skin cackling in my mouth, I understood straight away how this dish is a stellar seller. The King Prawns in Mustard Sauce with Crispy Fried Vegetables did not let us down, either:

Look at the size of those prawns! Juicy, very. I also enjoyed the appetizing flavour of the Salt & Pepper White Baits with a touch of Shallot and Chilli Bits:

Perhaps it was because of the fragrant spices they used. All I could see in the Chinese Spinach with 2 kinds of Mushrooms were the fungi:

Not overly salty, I liked the spongy texture of the fungi. Then, a dish which looked like taufu arrived on the table:

Only after biting into it would one realise that it actually was the Pan-fried Coral Trout Fillet Stuffed with Minced Prawn Meat. Clever! I accidentally deleted the photo of the Pork Spare Ribs steamed in a Black Bean Sauce but it was steamed to perfection. Dessert soon followed on. We tried the Almond Jelly...

... Fried Ice Cream...

... and Korean Balls with Red Bean...

Hope you enjoyed yourself, my dear!

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Imperial Peking Harbourside Restaurant
15 Circular Quay West, Campbells Store, The Rocks, NSW 2000, Australia
02 9247 7073, 02 9223 1128 (Tel), 02 9247 9850 (Fax)

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