Saturday, October 24, 2015

Carton King 纸箱王

Before I made this trip, bff Evon was raving about a place called Carton King (纸箱王), insisting that it is a place that my parents and I will find fascinating. Therefore, I included it in my itinerary when liaising with Judy. 

Fascinated we were! Just look at all their things!

All their displays were made of carton! And I mean everything!

Even their wall tiles were made of carton slices. Their curtains were made of patterned crepe paper.

They had furnitures made out of carton, too. Although not too comfortable, they were pretty sturdy. They even had wearable apparel like caps and shoes, even accessories like handbags and backpacks.

There were food stuff for sale that were in attractive paper packaging.

There were chandeliers and light fixtures made of carton, too.

There were toys in various sizes made from carton.

There was a working old school game machine (can anyone please enlighten me as to what this is called, please?) made of carton.

Too fascinated! Outside of the shop, there was a post shop selling notepads, diaries, journals, postcards and other stationeries of sorts.

I bought a few for my own keeping and a few I posted to close friends in KL and in Sydney.

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