Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hu Guo Xiong Traditional Noodles 胡國雄古早麵

This place was packed to the brim - there was hardly anywhere to find parking for the car, too. We took a number and waited to be called. With that kind of crowd, no wonder the kitchen was all go and no stop.

This place that I am talking about is a place called Hu Guo Xiong Traditional Noodles (胡國雄古早麵). What made this place special, I think, was the side dishes that accompanied their in-house noodles.

The list was quite long but Allie selected a few that he felt we should try. One of it looked and tasted like the paku that we like eating back home:


There was this side dish of pig's liver or meat that was near the liver (I am very bad with a pig's anatomy) cooked in a kind of sauce and served with ginger and spring onion. It was so tasty I think I nearly devoured the entire plate:


There was a soup with pork innards and immediately, I thought of my flatmate D, who, like me, loves eating innards!:


And of course, you can't come to a noodle shop and not have their noodle, can you? Although I am not a big fan of this kind of yellow noodles, I thought they tasted quite good, really - with the right texture in the noodles and the right flavours in the soup:

切仔麵 (汤)

My tummy was happy, maybe because the soup helped to warm up my body - especially needed during cold, rainy days. And then we were off to the mountains!

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