Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hehuan Wuling 合欢武领

We were not in luck as we began our journey on our 4th day. Allie had to drive really carefully through the thick mist that shrouded the mountain roads.

It was still quite pretty though, the sight, as I felt it dream-like. Too bad we did not manage to visit on a day with blue skies, bright sunshine and rolling white clouds that look like rows of cotton candy.

Halfway to our first destination of the day, we made a pit stop for the washroom and for some things to munch on.

Some kind of funghi?

Allie insisted that we try this:

These deep-fried salted mushrooms were so addictive, I nearly finished the whole tub when they left it with me while they went shopping for fruits at another stall. Aiya....

The first stop on our itinerary for the day was Hehuan Wuling Hehuan Wuling (合欢武领), at 31.5km of Highway 14. At 3,275 metres above sea level, it is the highest transport-accessible point in Taiwan.

I felt that our arrival at Wuling was slightly lacklustre because of the thick mist - a tad disappointed that we did not get to see the famous scenery. That and also the large amount of tourists.

I suppose, that means that I need to make a third trip to Taiwan, eh? ;)

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