Friday, October 02, 2015

Olive Tree Cafe and Bed & Breakfast 南庄橄榄树户外咖啡民宿

It was nightfall when we meandered our way through the mountain roads in search of Olive Tree.  We couldn't tell what the surroundings were like because it was dark but the lights did make the place a pretty sight.

I insisted on staying here a night because I found out about them roughly 3 years ago and have been wanting to stay here ever since. 

Whatever photos you see online anywhere really do not do the owners of the place any justice.

Why injustice? Because you have to be here to personally feel all the hard work the owners of the place have invested into the place.

A quick walk around the place had me realise that in addition to accommodation, they were also a cafe, and one with quite many tables, too.

Our first choice was the 古旅情 room but it was occupied on the night we asked for. Thus, they suggested for us to take the 童格林 room instead. It could also occupy four persons and since we did not have a choice, we took it. And we were not disappointed, as it was spacious and had little adorable and quirky decorations.

Even their bathroom had an interior that was according to the room theme, down to the tub! I could not wait for morning to come, so that I could see what was outside.

And when morning came, we were so happy! The view from our little balcony was a fruit orchard with sounds of chirping birds and the fresh smell of nature.

Ah, and in daylight we could see what the entrance to our room looked like. And I swear every hostel/B&B in Malaysia should have a water dispenser like this!

The amount of little figurines made of wood, stone and metal found throughout the property - uncountable!

The main building where reception was projected a different feeling in the day time. It felt more cosy than romantic/magical feel that night time produced.

Oh, and they have resident cats! I only managed to capture two of them, as the third one was still sleeping.

I would like to think that Mum liked the place because of all the flowers in bloom. For example, there was this rare orchid plant which Mum kept looking at.

There was a small section of the front garden fenced off for whom who guessed for children, due to the Little Red Riding Hood props. 

An annex building connected by a bridge that acted as the dining area. It was evident that they really like cats...

To the outside of the annex building was an outdoor dining area, which we really liked because of the trees.

As we were up way before breakfast time, we decided to check out the village. According to the map we got at reception, there is a creek nearby and so that was where we went. 

There were proper paths and walkways that enabled the local folk and visitors to safely enjoy their walk next to Pong-Lai Creek (蓬莱溪).

Despite the tranquility of the place, we were taken aback at how many other accommodations there were. I mean, just look at that signboard!

On our walk back for breakfast, we noticed that because Olive Tree was not situated right next to the main road, they had a huge signboard for visitors.

They also had a dedicated parking lot.

As we made our way up the small slope, we were greeted by the sun.

The reception area was colourful and had many knick knacks on sale. We chose to sit inside for our breakfast.

I ordered their cappuccino but after drinking it, I didn't think that it was actually made using the coffee machine on the counter top. Too bad I wasn't watching.

We were quite happy with the toast that was served. Because it only said "toast" on their order chit, we thought it meant literally just toast. My garlic toast was fragrant and I enjoyed the sweet potato and salad that came with it. Looked like many components but it was a healthy start to our day.

We finished our breakfast just when Allie arrived. He helped us with our luggage and we continued our 2nd day in Taiwan.

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