Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Audrey's Sydney Weekend Getaway!

I can already see a few heads shaking and thinking, "Wah, she came in April leh, now only you blog about it ar?"

I can only say one word: SORRY.

But, haha, better late than never right?? =P

So, due to my poor memory, I will not go into every single tiny detail of her weekend here with us, other than the fact that it was wet when she arrived when it was sunny the week before. I can also disclose that she arrived late on a Thursday night, as I remember going to the airport with Shaun after work. Oh, and be warned: this is going to be a long post as I'm squeezing the entire trip in.

Let's start with breakfast on Friday, the last meal we had with Justin before we had to drop him at the airport for his flight back to KL. I ordered pancakes with banana and a mug of my usual mocha:

Shaun and Justin ordered the same dish. I think it was poached egg on toast with bacon and smoked salmon:

After saying goodbye to Justin, we took Auds on a walk to let her soak in the cityscape of Sydney. And she went shutterbugging away! As this is her second time in Sydney, we only needed to cover the few landmarks that she missed the last time. We went to Hyde Park, which also covered the Archibold Fountain and St. Mary's Cathedral:

She couldn't resist the temptation to snap shots of what goes on in the park as well, for example a yoga (or pilates) class, and a bout of chess:

Oh, and I think we had people staring at us when she took shots of these:

After Jona finished working, he joined us for dinner at Newtown, with other Sydneysiders the girl knows. More 'crazy' people. After having Thai for dinner, we headed over to Mickey (I think its' called) for dessert. Jona was flirting with the waiter. Don't deny it Jon, you were... We only took pictures of two of the best slices of cakes we ordered, which were the lemon meringue and the Mars Bar cheesecake:

And of course, a picture with the two sweeties we introduced to her in Melbourne two years ago:

The next day, we made a trip to the place that's at the bottom of this signboard:

Jona insisted on a group picture in the car so here it is:

And Auds insisted I include this picture in this post so here it is:

Pictures paint a thousand word, right? What do the following pictures tell you about the temperature up there?

And it wasn't even winter yet! Geez! Luckily, the sun came out from behind the clouds after we parked the car and walked to the lookout at Echo Point. That allowed us to quickly snap a few better lit shots of the valley and why the place is called Blue Mountains:

As we were feeling hungry, we headed back down to town in search for food. We returned to Echo Point after lunch. While Jona paid for parking, he spotted a furry friend:

There were many walking trails but we decided to take the shortest one, which was to one of block of the Three Sisters. It was seriously no joke going down the flight of stairs as they were so steep! Jona took slightly longer to get down to the rock as he was doing this...

... that captured this:

While we were walking back to the car, Shaun and Auds took turns to experiment with Jona's DSLR, taking opportunity of the beautiful autumn colours. Here are some of the shots they took, including the Korean-poster-looking/wannabe one of myself:

The last stop was Leura, where we took Auds to the teahouse for scones and of course, tea. Oh, and there's always time for goofing around... haha...

After much deliberation, we finally decided to have homecooked food for dinner. So, we headed over to Coles to get some groceries and came home to prepare the food. Shaun let Auds have a go at the stove. It was something Shaun adapted from a recipe he learnt from Justin and it was yummylicious! There will be a video in my next post regarding this so do keep yourselves posted.

Auds left on Sunday night with a heavy heart but hey, all fine now, eh?

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