Monday, June 30, 2008

My last minute Melbourne trip (Last Episode)

Yes, finally, the last installment to this report!

On my last day, Auds was feeling generous. She actually treated all of us to yumcha before we took the black windy route...

... up to Mount Dandenong. We were blessed with a colourful display of flora, mainly of the autumn hues of amber, orange, yellow, red, brown, bronze and gold:

We were not lucky enough to get a clear day view from the peak of Dandenong. We resorted to goofing around in the gardens.

And when you make a trip up Dandenong, you cannot miss the opportunity to tuck into a warm serving of tea and scones. After comparing Dandenong to Blue Mountains, Auds concluded that the scones at Dandenong were better while the strawberry jam at Blue Mountains stood out.

We window-shopped, admiring the handicraft and antiques sold in the various shops there. We spent a long time in one shop managed by a lovely lady who was familiar with Malaysian tourists. She's a retired high school teacher who is now doing something she enjoys - selling organic soap, aromatherapy, lotions, candles and what-nots. She was so lovely that I requested for a photo to be taken with her!

Auds bought herself a new tube of lavendar hand cream. Her grandma bought quite a few things ranging from candles to soap. I bought myself an amethyst windchime. It's so pretty!! I am planning to hang it at Honey Bee and will take a picture of it when I find it a good spot.

With more things to pack into my luggage, I returned to Sydney to a warm hug.

Oh, and for all the girls out there who have a guy living with them, here's a little something that may come in handy:

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