Friday, June 20, 2008

My last minute Melbourne trip (Episode 1)

Seeing that Auds came to Sydney to see us, I took the chance to visit her (and also my youngest aunt and cousin) in Melbourne. It was a very on-the-spot decision. She was telling me about her graduation and I asked if she had friends attending it. When she said no, I asked if she'd like me to come. She was surprised but hmm, I guess it's nice to surprise people once in a while. What was even more surprising was that my dad allowed me to go.

It was quickly put together. Looked up the flight tickets on Virginblue, bought them and started planning. We exchanged emails on our itinerary, I informed my workplaces about my leave, arranged for a dinner with my relatives and it was all set.

I was so excited about the trip that I forgotten that I had an afternoon shift at OOSH! I went, "See you next week!" and Sue was like, "No, this afternoon!"

I arrived Melbourne late on a Monday night. Auds came with Ryan in a car she rented. I think it was a Nissan Tiida hatchback, auto with a CD player. Luckily, I didn't bring any of my own CDs for if I did, I'd pity the people in the car with me.

Auds lived on a road that branched off the road my bro lives on. By foot, it would probably take only 5 minutes to get to her place. She lived in a 3-bedroom townhouse with a fellow Malaysian, Chiang Wey and a Chinese lad, Titus. Occassionally, Yvette, Titus' girlfriend would also stayover. Auds had the master bedroom and Titus was sweet enough to lend us his extra single mattress.

Before heading to dreamland, we looked up the map for the directions for our journey tomorrow.

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