Sunday, June 29, 2008

My last minute Melbourne trip (Episode 5)

As Auds did not get sufficient sleep (due to feeling hyper), I was the designated driver for the day. Our destination for the day was Bendigo, town of gold. It did not occur to me that Bendigo Bank originated from this place until after this vacation.

While driving on the highway, we noticed signboards with the name 'Hanging Rock'. I quickly pointed out that this tourist spot is famous and would like to drop by. We made a detour and veered off in the direction of this rock. It may not be as big as Ayers Rock but hey, it's still spectacular in it's own right. Made famous by a novel called Picnic at Hanging Rock written many years ago that was turned into a movie, Hanging Rock is girdled by greenery. It's rugged environment is balanced by the rolling green scenery that goes on as far as the eye can see:

Wah, and look at this layer of cottonwool!:

Of course, the place wouldn't be called Hanging Rock if not for hanging rocks, right?

And oh, they sure know how to make it an attraction by naming natural phenomenons such as this waterfall mark:

Aunty treated me to an ice-cream after the climb. I still cannot believe that Auds has better stamina than I do... Okay la, I'm super unfit la. Admit la.

Lunch was pies from what seemed like a well-established pastry shop in Bendigo. Uncle paid for me, to reward me for driving all day. After lunch, we took a walk around town and following recommendations from the Information Centre, we visited the Arts Museum. Impressive collection they have there but unfortunately, time did not permit us to appreciate all the exhibits they house. We managed to capture this though:

We also climbed up the hill in the park behind the museum to ascend an actual 'tower' or 'rig' or whatever you call those things that they used to help with the gold mining that happened here decades ago. Up here, we had a bird's eye view of the town:

I think the Almighty up there also appreciated my chauffeur services that day as he provided us with these on the drive home (a little blurred because they were taken while the car was moving):

I finally got to meet up with Mahen after 5 years! He's now permanently back in Australia and it was so good to catch up with him. It was nice to spend my last night in Melbourne with someone from the past, gossiping about how 'great' students we were back in CPU and talking about our future.

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