Saturday, June 28, 2008

My last minute Melbourne trip (Episode 4)

Auds woke up really early today. I guess she was too excited to sleep anymore. I had the car all to myself for the first half of the day so after dropping her at the station (she had a job interview in the city), I headed towards Brighton. Why? I was heading there in search of a long row of colourful boathouses, not like the few I saw a few days ago.

However, after driving up and down the road, I couldn't see where they were and it started to rain. I gave up after filling the car up with more petrol. I then thought of my cousin, Meng Cheng, and gave her a ring. Coincidentally, her workplace isn't far off from where I was at the time. I drove to Mentone to have lunch with her, to catch up and to stare at what she calls a tiny piece of near nothing karat diamond that was sitting on her engagement finger. It may be 'tiny' and 'near to nothing karat' but it still SHIMMERED and SHINED okay? Can't wait till your wedding day couz!

When Auds called, I quickly headed to Clayton to get her home, changed and dropped her in uni. Then, I had to rush over to her parents' to give them a ride to uni. I discreetly brought her mum to a florist to buy a bouquet of flowers along the way. The pinkish/purplish bouquet was the one I got for her while the red was what Aunty bought:

She was so surprised when we showed up with a bouquet each in our arms. Of course, she could not resist the temptation to have her photograph taken before the ceremony:

Although Monash is only 4 years older than Macquarie, their graduation ceremony was much more impressive. I was green with envy sitting on the upper level of the auditorium watching the proceedings. It was so grand!!!

To celebrate, we went to Hog's Breath for dinner. Man, you have no idea how much meat I've gobbled down since setting foot here. Terrible. And not to mention that it doesn't help with maintaining my weight at all...

After dinner, I brought Auds to have a look at bro's place and he introduced his 'missing' housemates to me. One of them was this person:

Yes, I was surprised too when I found out! Super small world eh? Jeremy aka Jem lived with my bro for the entire year and I didn't know. Haha.. Oh, and if you guys still don't know what my bro looks like, here:

When we arrived home, the house was dark and we suspected a power failure. There were tealight candles lit on the stairs and when Auds walked up, she was overcome with emotions. Her housemates set up a surprise for her, to congratulate her on her graduation. Aw, so sweet... I decided to take a picture with them (from left; yours truly, Chiang Wey, Titus & Yvette):

A sweet ending to a memorable day eh, Auds?


Petra said...

The purple scarf looks great on you! And is that your new haircut?

I've not been running lots, just going rockclimbing every couple of days with my flatmates. Love the new ones. They rock~

Chrys said...

You have new flatmates? I didn't know that..

Anyways, that's actually my old hairstyle... the other day when I spoke to you on the phone, I was going to have that changed...